Did you know . . . by Sydney (2020-21 Edition)

10/22/20 – There was a littler girl hospitalized with anorexia who was upset she would miss the book release of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. She was released for a few hours to go get the book signed by JK Rowling. Rowling told her if she beat anorexia she could audition for the role of Luna. She did, and she got the role.

11/23/20 – Robert Pattinson is musically talented and was actually playing “Bella’s Lullaby” in the movie Twilight.

12/15/20 – In How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Jim Carrey had to complete torture endurance training from the CIA to endure the 8.5 hours of makeup.

2/25/21 – When your pet is lying on its belly with its back legs splayed out behind it, this is called a “sploot.” It is something cats and dogs do to stretch their hips and cool off on a hot day.

4/27/21 -Jellyfish and lobsters are considered biologically immortal because they don’t age and will never die unless killed.

Did you know . . . by Sydney (2020-21 Edition)
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