Minister’s Conference

Dear Brethren,

It is with extreme humility and thankfulness that we invite you to a minister’s conference to promote the unity of the church and the revealing of more truth. The church in Jerseyville has a long history of hosting such meetings beginning in the 1930’s and through every decade to the present. We have been blessed to have had the leaders of the past and present bless this local church with their presence. Please attend and prayerfully work to make this a profitable meeting.

The format for the services will be as follows:

Tuesday, April 17

Wednesday, April 18

Thursday, April 19

Friday, April 20

4-6pm Soup

7:00 Minister’s Meeting

8-10am Continental
Breakfast (plus Bacon)

10:30 Minister’s Meeting

3:00 Dinner

7:00 Minister’s Meeting

8-10am Continental
Breakfast (plus Bacon)

10:30 Minister’s Meeting

3:00 Dinner

7:00 Minister’s Meeting

8:30-10:30am Continental
Breakfast (plus Bacon)

10:30 Band Practice

11:00 Open Service

2:00 Dinner

There will be a meeting for the sisters Tuesday Evening at 7 pm, Wednesday 11 am, and Thursday evening 7 pm. The ladies’ meeting will be held at Open Door House of Praise across the street at 512 S. June St.
If any of the sisters would like to go to Josephine’s Tea Room and Gifts in Godfrey on Thursday, April 19, please call (618) 466-7796 and mention Gospel Assembly Church to make reservations for 11 am.

We pray for and look forward to your safe arrival. Please pray that God will have His way in this meeting.

Respectfully yours,
Clyde M. Shaw, Samuel Shaw, James Beck

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness;…..Matthew 6:33


Beds in homes are extremely limited and are often pre-arranged. Godfrey Church also is assisting us with beds. If you need lodging, please call (618) 593–7301 as soon as possible.

If possible, please come prepared to take care of your own lodging. Below is a list of Motels in the area; please contact them as soon as possible.

Super 8

Jerseyville, IL

(618) 965-8520

Jerseyville Harvest Inn

Jerseyville, IL

(618) 498-6886


Hampton Inn & Suites

Alton, IL

(618) 433-8999

$115 mention
Gospel Assembly

Best Western Plus

Alton, IL

(618) 433-9900

$94 mention
Gospel Assembly Church

Best Western Premier

Alton, IL

(618) 462-1220

$109 group rate
code 31G

Super 8

Alton, IL

(618) 465-8885


Comfort Inn

Alton, IL

(618) 465-9999

$79 mention
Gospel Assembly Church

Also, there are several Bed & Breakfast establishments in the area.


We have a number of RV hookups. There are 3 – 30 amp & water hookups and 3 – 20 amp & water hookups. We also have 2 dumping stations.


If anyone from your church would like to work during the meeting, please send the information in an email to Information needed is NAME, Department (Kitchen, D. Room, Usher, etc.) and day and time.


Also, if you need transport from the St. Louis Airport please email Name, Airline, Flight # and Time of Arrival to If you cannot email, please call (618) 593-7301 with your information.

Trivia Challenge – October

AnswerHarry Houdini

Thursday – He died 7 days later at the age of 52.

Wednesday – His last performance took place on this day in 1926 at Garrick Theatre in Detroit. He performed in great pain and reportedly passed out during the show.

Tuesday – He was a famous magician and escape artist.

Monday – This man was born in 1874 in Budapest.

Trivia Challenge – September

AnswerNew Zealand

Thursday – A Māori culture was established here by the Polynesians between 1250-1300.

Wednesday – On this date in 1893, this country became the first to grant women the right to vote.

Tuesday – It has two main land masses – North Island and South Island.

Monday – This is a sovereign island country.

Trivia Challenge – May

AnswerBetty White

Thursday – On this date in 2010 she hosted SNL thanks to a push by fans on FB. She won an Emmy for her appearance.

Wednesday – In her early “golden” years she played quite the “rose” of a character.

Tuesday – She was one of the first women to have control both in front of and behind the camera and is recognized as the first woman to produce a sitcom.

Monday – This actress was born in 1922 and is now 96 years old. She has the longest television career of a female entertainer.