Re-Opening Guidelines 2020

Guidelines for use of our church building for services during this Co-Vid 19 Pandemic


Getting Ready To Gather For Church

Those with existing conditions, feel free to stay safely in your home and participate in the Wednesday night Zoom service.

Check your temperature: If it is high or if you don’t feel well, call for prayer, and stay home. Call your Dr. if necessary.

Families should try to arrive together.

Arriving at Church

Find a parking spot close to the entrances. Only the two front entrances will be open. Please, even if you have a key, Do Not Use The Middle entrances! Leave the Handicapped spots for those who are licensed to use them. The handicap areas are marked by the Blue parking stops.


When entering the building, the entrance door should already be open.  Please wear a mask until you are seated. An usher may ask to take your temperature with a scanning type thermometer. If you have a temperature please consider leaving and going home. If everything is normal, proceed to your seat. Please observe social distancing                      (six feet separation).  

The pews will be used for three people, each end and the middle. That allows for at least six feet of separation. Families may all sit together without the separation rule. If someone else is on the pew with you, maintain the six foot separation. We will be strung out across our building, but it is for safety.

Finding Your Seat

When you are seated comfortably, you may take off your mask. If leaving the pew for any reason, please wear your mask (going to the restroom, going for prayer, worshipping    together, other activities involving more than one person).                                                 We will arrange the platform to accommodate the seating rules. Every person will be six feet apart.

Use of the restrooms

We will use the Four restrooms in the Lobbies, ONLY.  Please do not use any of the other restrooms. The nursery will be CLOSED not to be used. Baby changing station will be in the north ladies (pink) restroom.

Try to avoid going to the restrooms in groups. When finished, wash your hands with soap and water for at least twenty seconds. Dispose of  your paper towels in the waste can. Hand sanitizer will be located throughout the building for your convenience. Please feel free to use the sanitizer.                                                                                                         Bottled water will be located at each water fountain. The fountain will be turned off. Feel free to use the bottled water.                                                                                               When dismissed, wear your mask and try to maintain social distancing.


  • All of this is to keep us as safe as possible. 
  • If you Cough, cough into a tissue or into your sleeve.
  • I propose that throughout the Summer we will have in-building services only on Sundays. 
  • We will have zoom services on Wednesday evenings.
  • I will continue having Wednesday Night Preaching on Tuesday Evenings.
  • We may look into live stream for those shut in.
  • We are open for suggestions that will help keep us safe.
  • I propose that we open on Sunday, June  28, 2020.

Some of our sister churches are opening sooner. This will give us a chance to see if it is   feasible to return to indoor services. Near the end of Summer we can decide if indoor       services are working (staying safe), and we can consider adding more services to our schedule. Due to all of the conflicting and constantly changing instructions from the CDC, we are left to find what works for us. The only thing we can count on 100% is PRAYER!

These guidelines are derived from the CDC guidelines and adapted for our use.

This is one of the most important things we can do to keep everyone safe.  

Cleaning and Disinfecting Protocols

  • Use the U/V Disinfecting Lights in the Restrooms after EACH SERVICE.
  • Perform thorough cleaning of high traffic areas such as lobbies, offices, and restrooms.
  • Disinfect commonly used surfaces including doorknobs, toilets, handwashing facilities, especially faucet handles and counter tops, pulpits, donation box and offering plates,    altars, pews and seating areas. 
  • Disinfect microphones, music stands, instruments and other items.
  • Ensure the hand sanitizer dispensers are filled and ready for use.
  • Be sure to use gloves and other coverings (face shields and masks) when cleaning.
  • We will only be using the restrooms in the North and South Lobbies. 
  • During this time we will probably not have any Food Service activity.
  • These guidelines have been derived from the CDC guidelines and are adapted for our needs.


Re-Opening Guidelines 2020