Did you know . . . by Sydney (2018-19 edition)

3/18/19 – Women invented all of the following:  paper bags, foot pedal trash can, monopoly, wind shield wipers, disposable diapers, the dishwasher, liquid paper, alphabet blocks, marine signal flares, the circular saw, retractable dog leash, folding cabinet bed, solar house, scotch guard, invisible glass, computers, etc.

1/28/19 – Before becoming a musician, Joe Jonas wanted to become a comedian.

11/19/18 – The population of Singapore is the same weight as the amount of turkey consumed for Thanksgiving.

10/1/18 – In Captain America Civil War, Sebastian Stan had buffed up so much they had to make him a bigger metal arm.

Did you know . . . by Sydney (2018-19 edition)
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