Did you know . . . by Joel (2017-18 edition)

3/15/18 – If coloring wasn’t added to Coca-Cola, it would be clear. (The rumor that it would be green is false.)

12/19/17 – There are approximately 25-30 real Christmas trees sold in the Ū.S. every year.

10/24/17 – The spring peeper is named for the sounds it makes as a sign winter is over and spring is coming.

Did you know . . . by Sydney (2017-18 edition)

2/13/18 – Leo Tolstoy’s wife, Sofia, copied War and Peace at least eight times by hand as he wrote it. Some of the episodes were rewritten up to 26 times.

11/20/17 – The longest word in the English has 189,819 letters and takes 3.5 hours to pronounce. Click here to see the word.

9/25/17 – In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets when Tom Felton said, “I didn’t know you could read” he was improvising because he forgot his lines.