Trivia Challenge – October

AnswerHarry Houdini

Thursday – He died 7 days later at the age of 52.

Wednesday – His last performance took place on this day in 1926 at Garrick Theatre in Detroit. He performed in great pain and reportedly passed out during the show.

Tuesday – He was a famous magician and escape artist.

Monday – This man was born in 1874 in Budapest.

Trivia Challenge – September

AnswerNew Zealand

Thursday – A Māori culture was established here by the Polynesians between 1250-1300.

Wednesday – On this date in 1893, this country became the first to grant women the right to vote.

Tuesday – It has two main land masses – North Island and South Island.

Monday – This is a sovereign island country.

Trivia Challenge – May

AnswerBetty White

Thursday – On this date in 2010 she hosted SNL thanks to a push by fans on FB. She won an Emmy for her appearance.

Wednesday – In her early “golden” years she played quite the “rose” of a character.

Tuesday – She was one of the first women to have control both in front of and behind the camera and is recognized as the first woman to produce a sitcom.

Monday – This actress was born in 1922 and is now 96 years old. She has the longest television career of a female entertainer.

Trivia Challenge – April

AnswerWilliam Shakespeare

Thursday – He is credited with writing 37 plays.

Wednesday – He was 18 when he married Anne Hathaway.

Tuesday – He invented over 1,700 of our common words.

Monday – This man would presumably be 454 years old today (if his baptism, which was recorded, took place 3 days after his birth).

Trivia Challenge – March

AnswerPeace Corps

Thursday – The program was established by Executive Order 10924, issued by President John F. Kennedy on March 1, 1961.

Wednesday – Nearly 220,000 Americans have served in 141 countries through this organization.

Tuesday – Its purpose is to promote world peace and friendship.

Monday – This week’s answer is a government organization.

Trivia Challenge – January

AnswerLouis Braille

Thursday – At the age of 15 he created his own system of reading for the blind that is still used today.

Wednesday – Uncommon for that era, his parents made many efforts to raise him in a normal fashion.

Tuesday – He was blinded in both eyes as the result of an early childhood accident.

Monday – This French man was born in 1809 and died in 1852.

Trivia Challenge – December


Thursday – She also commissioned the building of its great Church of the Nativity in 327.

Wednesday – Empress Helena, mother of Constantine the Great, promoted its rebuilding.

Tuesday – This city was destroyed during the second-century Bar Kokhba revolt.

Monday – This is a city whose name in Arabic means House of Meat.

Trivia Challenge – November

AnswerLydia Maria Child

Thursday – She is best known for writing a poem about visiting her grandfather’s house in 1845. It was called “The New-England Boy’s Song about Thanksgiving Day.”

Wednesday – She loved to visit her grandfather’s house.
Tuesday – She was born in 1802 and died at the age of 78.
Monday – This woman was an activist who fought for the rights of slaves, women, and Native Americans.

Trivia Challenge – October

AnswerSydney Opera House

Thursday – After 15 years of construction, this building was opened and dedicated by Queen Elizabeth II on tomorrow’s date in 1973.

Wednesday – Its different roofs look like ships’ sails in the harbor.

Tuesday – It is built on the Nennelong Point in Sydney, Australia.

Monday – This building is the most famous work of Danish architect, Jørn Utzon.