MCA – Trivia Challenge February 23-26, 2015

AnswerGone with the Wind

Thursday – The main characters in this movie were Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler.

Wednesday – Hattie McDaniel was the first African American to win an Oscar and she won it for her role in this movie.

Tuesday – This movie was based on a fiction book which was written by Margaret Mitchell.

Monday – This movie which came out in 1939 was set around the time before and after the Civil War.

MCA – Trivia Challenge February 9-12, 2015

AnswerConversation Hearts

Thursday – In the 1990s, new sayings started being added to these candies, such as “email me” and “fax me.”

Wednesday – Daniel Chase invented the process by which words can be printed directly on these candies.

Tuesday – These candies were first made in such shapes as postcards, baseballs, or horseshoes.

Monday – This candy was first produced by the company NECCO in the early 1900s.

MCA – Trivia Challenge February 2-5, 2015

AnswerElizabeth Blackwell

Thursday – This woman was the first woman allowed to practice medicine in the U.S. She faced a lot of ridicule from the male doctors.

Wednesday – In 1868 this woman realized a dream by opening the Women’s Medical College of the New York Infirmary.

Tuesday – Today would be this woman’s birthday. She was born in 1821 near Bristol, England.

Monday – This woman studied medicine at Geneva College in west central New York.

MCA – Trivia Challenge January 12-15, 2015

AnswerStephen Foster

Thursday – Although he had may popular songs, he received very little money for his work and died impoverished (poor).

Wednesday – His first hit before becoming professional was “Oh! Susanna.”

Tuesday – This man died on this date in 1864 after an extended fever.

Monday – This man was recognized as the first professional songwriter in the U.S.

MCA – Trivia Challenge January 5-8, 2015


Thursday – The building called the Taj Mahal is in this country.

Wednesday – The Himalayas makes up the north eastern border for this country.

Tuesday – This country in Asia follows what is called the caste system.

Monday – This country is the world’s largest producer of cashews.

MCA – Trivia Challenge December 15-18, 2014


Thursday – This resin is one of the three gifts brought to baby Jesus at his birth.

Wednesday – It was used by ancient people in embalming and as incense and is still the most important incense resin.

Tuesday – This resin is also known as olibanum.

Monday – This type of gum resin is obtained from several Oriental trees that grow in northeastern Africa and Arabia.

MCA – Trivia Challenge December 8-11, 2014

AnswerClement Clarke Moore

Thursday – He is best known for writing a poem for his children which begins “Twas the night before Christmas.”

Wednesday – He was also a professor of Oriental and Greek literature at this seminary.

Tuesday – He donated land where the Episcopal General Theological Seminary in New York was built.

Monday – This man was an American poet and educator born in New York City in 1779.

MCA – Trivia Challenge December 1-4, 2014

AnswerRosa Parks

Thursday – In 1999, she received the Congressional Gold Medal from the U.S. Congress.

Wednesday – This woman was born in 1913 with the last name McCauley, but is better known by her married name.

Tuesday – This woman’s refusal to move on the bus was a focal point for the Civil Rights movement.

Monday – On this day in 1955, this woman refused to give up her seat on a bus to a white man.