Trivia Challenge – April

AnswerWinston Churchill

Thursday – He was born November 30, 1874.

Wednesday – In 1963 he was the first person (of only 8 total) to be made an honorary citizen of the United States.

Tuesday – This man held many offices in Great Britain, including that of Prime Minister.

Monday – This man was knighted on this date in 1953.

Trivia Challenge – March


Thursday – St. Patrick supposedly chased this island’s snakes into the sea in the fifth century AD.

Wednesday – Its name is derived from the Porto-Celtic word “Iveriu” which means fat or prosperous.

Tuesday – The island is politically split – 5/6 and 1/6.

Monday – This week’s answer is an island.

Trivia Challenge – February

AnswerJohn Jeffries

Thursday – National Weatherperson’s Day is celebrated on his birthday each year.

Wednesday – He is credited with being among America’s first weather observers.

Tuesday – He graduated from Harvard and received his medical degree from the University of Aberdeen.

Monday – This man was born in Boston on February 5, 1745.

Trivia Challenge – January


Thursday – Helen Keller was born in this state.

Wednesday – The George Washington Carver Museum is in this state.

Tuesday – This state has some shoreline and was once called the Cotton State.

Monday – This week’s answer is one of our United States.

Trivia Challenge – November


Thursday – This company had game consoles with a 2600 and a 5200 in their names.

Wednesday – Al Alcorn was their first design engineer.

Tuesday – In 1972 this company presented Pong as an arcade game and by 1974 there was a home version.

Monday – This company’s name is a term in the game “go” which means a state where a stone or group of stones is imminently in danger of being taken by one’s opponent.

Trivia Challenge – October

AnswerJohn Jay

Thursday – He wrote five of The Federalist Papers.

Wednesday – On this date in 1798, this man was sworn in as the first Chief Justice of the United States.
Tuesday – He was a leader of the Federalist Party and governor of New York.
Monday – This man was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States.

Did you know . . . by Makayla

3/28/17 – The ostrich is the only two-toed bird.  All other birds have three or four toes.

1/23/17 – Figs are mentioned in the Bible more than any other fruit.

10/31/16 – Halloween came from a Celtic Holiday called “Samhain” (pronounced sow-in).

Did you know . . . by Joel

3/20/17 – The German Shepherd is a breed of medium to large-sized working dog that originated in Germany.

1/9/17 – Camel’s bushy eyebrows and two rows of eyelashes protect their eyes in the dessert.

10/24/16 – Clara Barton and a circle of her acquaintances founded the American Red Cross in Washington, DC on May 21, 1881.