School Supplies – 2015-16 School Year

Memorial Christian Academy

School Supply List

  • Bible – King James Version
  • Package of pencils – optional as we have dozens of donated pencils at school
  • Eraser(s)
  • 2-3 Blue or Black Pen(s)
  • A couple spiral notebooks or loose-leaf paper and binder (whichever your child prefers)
  • A journal or regular notebook for a journal for grades 1-6
  • A folder or two (helpful for grades 5 and up)
  • Ruler (needs to include metric) – optional, we have some for general use
  • Crayons or colored pencils
  • Art shirt
  • Kleenex for student office (If you want to send several of these with the student’s name on them, I can keep a supply on hand for when he or she runs out)
  • Kleenex for general use in classroom – All the students end up using these when they are not at their desk or when they have run out of kleenex at their desk.
  • Small candies/rewards and a bit larger candies/rewards for each week when students get As or 100s. (For size examples: we have given the miniature chocolates for As and packs of cookies or crackers for 100s)

NOTE:  Students CANNOT have green or red pens in the Learning Center!

MCA – Trivia Challenge May 18-21, 2015


Thursday – This season is in the sentence, “I can’t wait until __________ vacation – it starts tomorrow.”

Wednesday – This season starts in December in the city of Melbourne.

Tuesday – The middle night of this season is the subject of a Shakespearean play.

Monday – This is one of the four seasons.

Mother’s Day

The pictures and sounds files (converted to ringtones for Apple, Android and Windows phones) used to create the Mother’s Day gifts will be posted in the Sunday School Dropbox shared folder.  If any mother does not not have access to this folder please let me know.

MCA – Trivia Challenge May 11-14, 2015

Answer – Florence Nightingale

ThursdayThis woman started a school and home for nurses that marked the beginning of nursing as a profession (before this, nurses were largely untrained).

Wednesday – Under her supervision mortality rates were greatly reduced during the Crimean War (1854-1860).

Tuesday – This woman was born on this day in 1820 in Italy.

Monday – This person was a nurse who died in 1910.

MCA – Trivia Challenge May 4-7, 2015

AnswerGeorge Lucas

Thursday – Next Thursday is this man’s birthday – he was born in 1944.

Wednesday – The 7th movie in the series of movies for which this man is famous will be out in December of this year.

Tuesday – His first prize-winning student film was THX-1138.

Monday – This director and producer is famous for his work on special effects in movies.

MCA – Trivia Challenge April 27-30, 2015


Thursday – The capital of this country is Athens.

Wednesday – Our idea of democracy came from this country in ancient times.

Tuesday – This country’s dances, such as hasapiko, tsamiko, and kalamatiano, continue to be performed at weddings.

Monday – This country has coastline on the Mediterranean Sea.

MCA – Trivia Challenge April 20-23, 2015

AnswerRonald Regan 

Thursday – The hostages in Iran were released moments after this president was inaugurated. 

Wednesday – This man was the oldest president upon his inauguration. 

Tuesday – This man was a president of the U.S. in the 20th century. 

Monday – This president was shot on March 30 during one of the years of his terms.  He survived.

MCA – Trivia Challenge March 23-26, 2015


ThursdayThe basic currency of this country is the yen.

Wednesday – The type of poem known as the Haiku comes from this country.

Tuesday – Education is taken very seriously in this country.  Young children even take calligraphy classes to learn the art of  fine handwriting.

Monday – This week the answer is a country.  Most people in this country practice the Shinto religion.

MCA – Trivia Challenge March 16-19, 2015

AnswerAndrew Jackson

ThursdayThis president’s hot temper involved him in several feuds and duels.

Wednesday – This president’s nickname was Old Hickory.

Tuesday – When he was 13, he refused to shine a British officer’s boots, and got his face slashed with a sword.

Monday – Yesterday was this president’s birthday.  He was the first westerner elected president.