MCA – Trivia Challenge November 17-20, 2014


Thursday – This man is credited with popularizing soccer in the U.S.

Wednesday – He joined the Santos Football Club in 1956. On this day in1969, this man scored his 1,000th goal.

Tuesday – This man is a Brazilian soccer player and the only player to participate in three World Cup victories.

Monday – This man was given the name Edson at birth, but he is popular by another name.

MCA – Trivia Challenge November 10-13, 2014

AnswerThomas E Dewey

Thursday – This man was unsuccessful in his attempt at becoming president in 1948, although newspapers prematurely declared him the winner.  He did win his race for governor of New York in 1942, though.

Wednesday – Over a 4 year period in the 1930s, this man successfully convicted 72 out of 73 criminals in New York.

Tuesday – This man was born in Owosso, MI on March 24, 1902.

Monday – This man was the youngest to run for U.S. president.

MCA – Trivia Challenge November 3-6, 2014

Answer – The Louvre

Thursday – On November 8, 1793, this museum opened to the public.

Wednesday – The Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo reside here.

Tuesday – This building is right on the Seine River in Paris, France

Monday – This palace was begun in 1546, and housed many French kings, but it was later turned into the national art museum of France.

MCA – Trivia Challenge October 27-30, 2014


Thursday – Their classification is Alces alces.

Wednesday – It is the largest member of the deer family.

Tuesday – These animals generally are loners, although they may be found in groups of a dozen or less.

Monday – This animal is found in the northern U.S. and Canada and its name is Algonquin and means “eater of twigs.”

MCA – Trivia Challenge October 13-16, 2014

AnswerCrayola Crayons

Thursday – There are over one hundred different types of this item today – some of which sparkle with glitter, glow in the dark, or smell like flowers.

Wednesday – The name of this item comes from the combination of two French words – craie and oleaginous.

Tuesday – Two cousins invented this item – their names were Edwin Binney and C. Harold Smith

Monday – This invention made its debut in 1903. It was first sold for one nickel – and you got eight.

MCA – Trivia Challenge October 6-9, 2014


Thursday – This city is right on Lake Michigan – one of the five Great Lakes.

Wednesday – On this day in 1871, a great fire began that burned four square miles of this city to the ground.

Tuesday – The area where this city is was called Checagou by Native Americans, which referred to wild onions that grew there.

Monday – This is the 3rd largest city in the U.S.

MCA – Trivia Challenge September 15-18, 2014


Thursday – The pilgrims who rode on this ship were not referred to as pilgrims until nearly 200 years later.

Wednesday – This ship was headed for Virginia, but due to bad weather it finally landed in Massachusetts on November 21.

Tuesday – 394 years ago today, this ship left England with 102 passengers on board.

Monday – A famous document was formed on this ship and was named after this ship – it was called the _________ Compact.

MCA – Trivia Challenge September 8-11, 2014

ANSWER – Richard M. Nixon

Thursday – When this man died in 1994, five U.S. presidents attended his funeral.

Wednesday – This man is the only U.S. president to ever resign (quit) from office.

Tuesday – A famous speech this man gave became known as the Checkers Speech.

Monday – On this day in 1974, this man was pardoned (forgiven of crimes committed) by the president.

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